About Food. Beer. Tunes.

I’m Scott. I have a beautiful wife, a set of way-too-smart twin toddlers, and a crazy dog. When I actually find myself with some free time I tend to retreat to the kitchen. It’s how I get creative and it’s how I work out some stress. Throw in a few beers and a great record and I’ll be doing ok.

My goal here is simple: Help you cook some food that’ll make your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/mother proud of you, introduce you to some beers that don’t include the word “Lite” in their name, and throw some musical curveballs at you.

If you make your way to this blog, share your thoughts. If you loved a beer I recommended, tell me. If the record I picked out to go with a meal was the worst record you’ve ever heard, tell me about that too. I’ll vehemently disagree agree with you because I’m an insufferable music snob, but we could try to have a civil conversation about it. Ok? Good. Now move along.


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