I know. Another food blog. GREAT. Just what we need. 

Here’s my plan: I’ll be different. Or at least I’ll try. There are three things I love to do when I have some free time: Cook, drink beer, and listen to music. 

I like to experiment in the kitchen. I reference recipes all the time, but a recipe, to me, is a guide rather than a binding agreement to cook in a certain way. Some of the recipes and ideas I post will be mine; random concoctions I dreamt up on a drive home from the office. Others will be hodgepodges of other recipes. I’ll cite my motivations when applicable. But sometimes ideas just come to me based on something I may have read in passing months or years ago. I’m not professionally trained, but I read a lot about cooking, I practice a lot, and I really can’t think of a more cathartic thing to do after a long day of work than spend an hour in the kitchen throwing together a meal for my wife and myself. Sometimes the kids will reap the rewards too.

When I cook I like to drink a beer or two. I might be a bit of a beer snob, but I know the value of a can of PBR or a bottle of High Life. Sometimes I’ll pair my meals with whatever’s in my fridge. Other times I’ll choose a beer that makes sense with a specific dish. The point is, when you catch a good buzz your food usually tastes better. Right?

Music. I wouldn’t be spending time on this blog without music. When I cook and I drink I also like to have some music helping me along. Each meal will be paired with an album. Depending on my mood and the meal I’m cooking, I’ll choose one of the thousand or so albums from my iTunes library (or sometimes vinyl or maybe Pandora if I need to mix it up) and fire it up while I cook. You’ll get a breakdown, and then you should probably listen for yourself.

Good to have you here. Enjoy.